Parent/Guardian Orientation – Freshmen Students

Parent/Guardian Orientation is offered on-line and on-campus.  If you feel that the on-line presentation gives you enough information on what to expect this year, then there is no need for you to attend an on-campus Parent Orientation program.  If you have remaining questions, or just want to be on campus for your child’s Orientation, plan to attend the on-campus Parent Program from 9:00-2:30 concurrent with Freshman Orientation Part I but separate from the students.  Parents/guardians will be introduced to campus services and given an opportunity to learn about degree requirements, classroom expectations, finances, and campus life opportunities for your student, including a campus tour and a chance to visit the campus bookstore.  Each student can bring 2 adults to participate in the Parent/Guardian program.

Please keep in mind that the Parent Program is separate from the students; you will not be allowed to attend any of the student sessions.  It is very important that the students connect to the campus and make friends; having parents present reduces the effectiveness of Orientation.  Thank you for your understanding.

Parent/Guardian orientation is only offered during the Freshman program.  Any transfer students who wish to have a parent attend Orientation should register for Regular (freshman) orientation.